American Drilling Rigs, LLC

We Sell Drilling Rigs and any Energy Equipment with the Newest Technology.

American Drilling Rigs, LLC, builds and sells modern drilling rigs with the newest technology in America, using American made  components.  All major components are API Certified and the rigs are built and fabricated by skilled personnel with many years of experience in their specific area of rig design and fabrication.

(AmDR is not affiliated or associated with Ensign Drilling.  If you are looking for their ADR rigs, cont them.)

We build all of our NEW drilling rigs to the specifications requested by our customers.

Before a project is started --

1.  We meet with each customer to discuss all specifications of the capital components of the rig to used
(Do they want a mechanical rig; do they want an SCR Rig; or do they want an A/C Rig?)
2.  We review the payment schedule for the project;
3.  We discuss the length of time it will take to build;
4.  We discuss all areas of the project in depth.
With the current drilling environment, both domestic and international, drilling rigs must do more than rigs that were built 30-40 years ago.  They need to move from location to location quickly, and set-up and tear-down fast.  They must drill faster; the new technology that makes it easier to get to "TD" in a safe and efficient manner.  Today's drilling rigs are built to move in fewer loads.  Today's Walking and Top-Drive technology in able drilling vertical and horizontal wells. 
When you want the best equipment with the latest technology, you want to call American Drilling Rigs, LLC. 

American Drilling Rigs, LLC.
Houston, Texas 77060
01-866-742-4707 (Fax)
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