Who We Are

ADR builds American Drilling Rigs near Houston, Texas, where we can ship them all over the world.  We use the finest components and the latest technology available to provide drilling companies with the strongest, fastest moving,  easiest rig up and rig down of rigs anywhere.

Ray Hollis, General Manager of American Drilling Rigs, LLC partners with Steve Stephens of Terra Texas Company to build American Drilling Rigstm with American manufactured components.   Our new drilling rigs are engineered, designed, fabricated, and built in the USA.  By combining over 100 years of experience in the drilling industry and the sale drilling equipment, they can build you the best drilling rigs available in the industry - today. 

In 1980 Ray owned Bay Tex Supply Company in Houston, and Steve Stephens was the Drilling Manager for Rio Colorado Drilling Company, A division of ENI.  Steve bought drilling equipment and supplies from Ray.  They have been buying and selling rigs and drilling equipment from or with each other ever since. 

Ray Hollis started working in the oilfield for over 50 years ago.  He worked as a roustabout in the West Texas oilfield during summers in high school in Odessa, Texas.  Since graduating from Texas Tech University in 1970 with a degree in International Trade and Economics, his career has encompassed many different areas of the oil and gas industry.  He has manufactured lubricants, pipe coatings and other lubrication compounds; he has imported and exported rig components, supplies, and drilling equipment. Ray has sold drilling rigs, rig components, and oilfield supplies to oil and gas operators, rig builders, and drilling companies in North and South America for over 40 years. 

S. D. “Steve” Stephens has been in the oil and gas drilling industry for over 60 years.  He was a roughneck, driller, tool pusher, drilling superintendent, drilling manager, and the owner and operator of Pan-Am Drilling.  He has been in management positions for major operators, and drilling companies in Texas, Canada, South America and the Middle East.  Steve started building and refurbishing rigs under the name Terra Texas Company in the early 1990s.  He has sold and coordinated the building of over 30 rigs for companies in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.  Some of the companies include:  Petrex (South American division of ENI), Pexin, and NRG (for drilling in Nigeria), Fielderhoff Bros., Patmann Drilling International, Inc., and Burke Royalty to name a few.

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